Sunday, November 1, 2009

Who? What? Why?

This is a blog designed to keep dog nerds motivated and inspired to train their dogs. We are three nerdy dog people who enjoy a training challenge! Jody owns Abby (super mutt!) and Ryan (Border Collie), Emma owns Cooper (spaniel mix), Jazz (squishedfacedblackdog) and 7 (Vizsla) and Erika owns Tyler (black labradork) and Toby (tubesock!)
One of us will post a video of a trick that they have taught one of their dogs and the rest of us will try and meet their challenge. The first person who can mimick the trick and post their own video will then issue the next challenge with their own trick!...Clear as mud, right?
Okay girls! Let's get started with this...

Now a little birdy told me that Jody may have made a breakthrough with this trick so if she can post some proof she gets to be the next challenger!

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